An effective series production always starts by optimising the conditions for it.

Sometimes the collaboration starts by means of us producing a prototype. Sometimes there is a finished CAD drawing. We interact the whole way up to the fully tested tool. Once we have run a zero series and all parameters are approved by the customer, the unit goes into production.

Optimisation also means that we are your advisers in the choice of material, process, colouring, tool production, production flow, flexibility, logistics, JIT.


Tool and process are tested and approved. The quality-assured and environmentally-assured production starts and continues in accordance with the agreed delivery schedule.

The complete composite units are checked so that they fulfil all parts of our agreed requirements specification before any machining and assembly takes place.

We accept no quality deviations, you as consignee should feel fully secure about the delivery coming from us. Our thorough industrial experience and knowledge of matching demanding production systems are guarantees for this.


Fulfilment for us means that we have control over the delivery of the units so that they reach exactly the right destination on time.

It also means that we have control over the information flow.

We make sure that feedback takes place continuously, both in terms of the purely technical aspects as well as the soft values in our cooperation.

We also carry out regular customer satisfaction surveys.