The Company

From Industrial concern to focused development

Ljungby Komposit was established during 2009 as a natural hiving-off in conjunction with Polytec Composites moving the majority of its manufacturing abroad.

In turn, Polytec Composites can trace its roots right back to the 1950s via different ownership constellations. By virtue of this, Ljungby has a long tradition of composite manufacturing and a lot of this competence and professional experience has been integrated into Ljungby Komposit.

Apart from having a range of manufacturing processes that cover most needs, we also have thorough experience of tool production, everything from complicated steel tools for form pressing larger quantities, to plastic tools for cost effective manufacturing of low series production.

We also contribute with advice, design and suggestions for material choice based on the requirements of the product’s performance. And since we use different processes, we can objectively help customers choose the right approach for their product.

Since the beginning of 2009, the company has enjoyed strong and positive development. The number of customers has increased and customer relationships have been enhanced, as has the breadth of the products we manufacture.

Ljungby Komposit currently directly supplies customers in Scandinavia, Europe and South America within industries such as the automotive industry, the aircraft industry, the energy sector, the health care sector, the defence industry as well as OEM manufacturers of industrial machinery.