At this stage we always ask the question: what shall the prototype be used for? And what are the quality requirements for your particular prototype?

This governs the choice of prototype tool, not least because the spread in terms of cost can be very large for the prototype alone.

So a prototype does not need to be better than its intended function, but it must fulfil the specified requirements. If, for example, you know that there will be series production at a later stage then a more expensive prototype tool can result in a less expensive series tool.

Do you only need one prototype or is it actually a question of more? In which case, it may be beneficial to take this into consideration early on in the planning stage.

We make sure that you as client, and we as prototype manufacturer, have the same vision and expectations of the result.

Development support

Ljungby Komposit is not a design company.

However, we are specialists in composites and our role is to act as development partner when it comes to composite solutions.

We also have a well-developed network of model builders so our flexibility, breadth and experience bank are extensive.

We go through the documentation and any drawings or CAD files and discuss your choice of material, or proposals for material if it is undecided.

Quite often there are different solutions for the same need. We make an assessment of the manufacturability – radii, angles, geometry, material – and give you cost alternatives, both for prototype and any future series parts.


The complete prototype is checked so that it fulfils all parts of our agreed requirements specification before delivery.

We also make sure that it actually is delivered in synch with your product development plan.

We actively follow up the outcome on-site with you before any modifications or planned series production.

We also carry out regular customer satisfaction surveys.