Nordic Water

DynaDisc Level Tank

A Fulfilment based partnership with Nordic Water

The DynaDisc is a tertiary cloth media filter primarily designed for TSS and BOD removal. It uses multiple filter discs and has an industry leading filtration area of up to 197m2. Since 2008, the fibreglass level tank has been produced in China. The problem was that this often led to extended lead times, sometimes as long as 6-months from order to delivery. According to Niklas Brandmyr, Director of Operations at Nordic Water, “it was for this reason we decided to find a new supplier that would deliver cost-effective, high quality parts with short delivery times.”

Ljungby Komposit always aims to offer customers a competitive advantage when it comes to total cost and delivery performance. So in late 2017, work began on finding the right processes and suppliers to meet Nordic Water’s requirements. This included maximising cost-quality trade-offs, making design upgrades and reducing weight. Another important consideration was making sure the structure could carry the entire filtration system, which contains moving parts and thousands of litres of moving water. The importance of this early collaboration can not be overstated as it streamlined the fulfilment process between the two companies.

The level tank is now built in modules using the VARI process at Ljungby Komposit and delivery began in early 2019.

“Ljungby Komposit is a solution-oriented company that has helped us increase our delivery performance and realise our innovative designs in a cost-effective way.”

-Niklas Brandmyr, Director of Operations at Nordic Water