Environmental policy

We shall run our operation so that impact on the environment is continuously reduced. The operation shall at the least fulfil customer requirements, environmental legislation in force and the requirements in ISO 14001.

We shall use production processes that are safe for people and the environment, with special focus on low environmental impact and the prevention of environmental accidents. We shall also influence suppliers and contractors to work in the same direction.

We shall be economical with raw materials and natural resources.

We shall fulfil all environmental requirements in legislation and regulations, as well as work for continuous environmental improvement and have good relationships with society and other environmental stakeholders.

We shall make use of the knowledge that our co-workers have, as well as give them enhanced understanding and competence in order to continuously work with environmental conservation, both inside and outside the company.

Quality policy

We shall fulfil the requirements, expectations and needs of our customers and others by means of supplying our products in the agreed version, with the requested quality, on time and in the right quantity, as well as maintain a high service level for our customers.

We aim to minimise all quality deviations by means of a well-functioning quality management system that is under continuous improvement.